All about Me

Hi, my name is Sarah, I’m 11 years old. I’m going to talk to you about my life as a young girl with lot’s of anxiety, Cleithrophobia, and central auditory processing disorder, which means I usually miss understand people or get frustrated when I don’t hear as clearly as I should. I also live with my big brother who is on the autism spectrum, my mom who also has anxiety like me and ADHD and my pug named Brownie and our Siamese cat named Beasty.

This is a list of all my 6 favourite thing’s:
1. Favourite colour’s are pink, Blue and aqua.                                                       
2. Favourite animals are zebra, cats,, FLAMINGOS, pink pigs  and especially Love love small DOGS!
3. Favourite past time is Minecraft and Roblox and my user for Roblox is daisycrim
4. Favourite fruit is Watermelons
5. Favourite sport is figure skating
6. Favourite number is 6 and 5

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