Morning Routines

Morning routines                                 
Today is Monday it’s a school day, I’m never happy to go to school, because I am always tired,. my routine’s is: going to the bathroom, getting dressed,brushing my teeth, brush my hair and put it up in braids, than I go downstairs to pack my lunch kit, get my book bag ready, put my shoes  on and not a lot of time to eat breakfast  because I am very busy in the mornings and now I’m waiting for the  school bus  to came pick me up. I’m very lucky my bus comes right to my driveway at 7:37am.

Now I am on the bus I’m  going to tell you how I do on the bus. I am OK, but because it is  so so loud, I like to sit in the third seat from the front of the bus it helps me feel less anxious with all of the noise from the other kids. People try to talk to me, but I like to be quiet on the bus and I don’t like to talk very much. I get nervous when we have a new driver, have to take a detour, have to stop unexpectedly or the bus driver needs to turn around and bring someone back to school.

When I get to school, my classroom is in a big blue fancy portable, it has three huge windows, fancy cream coloured curtains, pretty greyish textured wallpaper and we all have our own desk. I sit next to my friend’s Peyton, Payton and Dahlia. We also have a really cool beach corner that looks like a little beach it two beach chairs, a big sea shell and lots of books to read.

Now it’s recess, sometimes I stay in and colour, draw or read. Sometimes I go outside to hang out with Dahlia, Payton and sometimes Peyton because she goes to a different classroom. For snack I usually have cheese and crackers with either a granola bar or yogurt while I read.

When I don’t have school I sleep till 9:00 AM or 10:00 AM. and  I have egg’s, beacon with maple syrup on top with a glass of 1% milk and sometimes chocolate chip pancakes for breakfasts and relax on my tablet.

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