Busy Wednesdays

My Wednesdays are busy, because I have Gym at school and we play Dodgeball and floor hockey.  After school, we play on our tablets or watch TV. We eat supper in a hurry then my brother and I go get ready to go play sports for Special Olympics. My mom and great great aunt take us. I call my great great aunt to pick us up when It’s time to go. After Special Olympics my great great aunt takes us out for a treat if we are good at Special Olympic,s if we don’t be good we don’t get a treat. She brings us home.

Our dog Brownie gets excited to see us. My brother and I pack our lunch kits and place them in the fridge and then we make sure our backpacks are packed and all of our things are together.

Then its finally bedtime, I take a shower, brush my teeth, brush my hair and get dressed for school,l instead of pajamas, so I don’t have to rush to get ready in the morning. Mom tucks us in and says good night and I settle in bed cuddled up with Brownie and watch YouTube until I fall asleep.
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