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Hi Blog, it’s me sarah! how was your day ?My day is going good and ok at the same time. I just can’t wait for this virus stuff to be ouer and we are all get vaccinated and can enjoy fun actiuities and parties again.

I have been spending my time playing sims 4 on my computer and riding on my scooter. Did you know I also have a youTube channel calld “Gaming like a Girl”. I play video games and creae fun vlogs of things I like to do.

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In Quarantine For 5 Months!

I am sad, bored and a little happy all at the same time. We are all in this together in quarantine, because of the coronavirus. I will be starting grade six, with remote learning, which means I am still attending my public school from home.

The best part about remote learning, is that it is much quieter than in the classroom, I don’t feel as rushed, I don’t have to work with a partner, I don’t have other kids looking over my shoulder either, and I don’t have to hear kids being mean to other kids.

The worst part of remote learning is missing all my friends and classmate, especially my teacher Mrs. Benoit she was the best teacher I ever had.

All in all I have been enjoying my time in quarantine because you don’t have to go out and see other people like at doctor appointments and stuff. I kind of actually like wearing a mask, because it covers my face and I don’t have to smile as much.

I have been spending most of my time at home drawing, playing video games and hanging out with my cat Floppy and my pug Lucky.

P.S I started a YouTube channel called Gaming Like A Girl

Busy Wednesdays

My Wednesdays are busy, because I have Gym at school and we play Dodgeball and floor hockey.  After school, we play on our tablets or watch TV. We eat supper in a hurry then my brother and I go get ready to go play sports for Special Olympics. My mom and great great aunt take us. I call my great great aunt to pick us up when It’s time to go. After Special Olympics my great great aunt takes us out for a treat if we are good at Special Olympic,s if we don’t be good we don’t get a treat. She brings us home.

Our dog Brownie gets excited to see us. My brother and I pack our lunch kits and place them in the fridge and then we make sure our backpacks are packed and all of our things are together.

Then its finally bedtime, I take a shower, brush my teeth, brush my hair and get dressed for school,l instead of pajamas, so I don’t have to rush to get ready in the morning. Mom tucks us in and says good night and I settle in bed cuddled up with Brownie and watch YouTube until I fall asleep.
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Morning Routines

Morning routines                                 
Today is Monday it’s a school day, I’m never happy to go to school, because I am always tired,. my routine’s is: going to the bathroom, getting dressed,brushing my teeth, brush my hair and put it up in braids, than I go downstairs to pack my lunch kit, get my book bag ready, put my shoes  on and not a lot of time to eat breakfast  because I am very busy in the mornings and now I’m waiting for the  school bus  to came pick me up. I’m very lucky my bus comes right to my driveway at 7:37am.

Now I am on the bus I’m  going to tell you how I do on the bus. I am OK, but because it is  so so loud, I like to sit in the third seat from the front of the bus it helps me feel less anxious with all of the noise from the other kids. People try to talk to me, but I like to be quiet on the bus and I don’t like to talk very much. I get nervous when we have a new driver, have to take a detour, have to stop unexpectedly or the bus driver needs to turn around and bring someone back to school.

When I get to school, my classroom is in a big blue fancy portable, it has three huge windows, fancy cream coloured curtains, pretty greyish textured wallpaper and we all have our own desk. I sit next to my friend’s Peyton, Payton and Dahlia. We also have a really cool beach corner that looks like a little beach it two beach chairs, a big sea shell and lots of books to read.

Now it’s recess, sometimes I stay in and colour, draw or read. Sometimes I go outside to hang out with Dahlia, Payton and sometimes Peyton because she goes to a different classroom. For snack I usually have cheese and crackers with either a granola bar or yogurt while I read.

When I don’t have school I sleep till 9:00 AM or 10:00 AM. and  I have egg’s, beacon with maple syrup on top with a glass of 1% milk and sometimes chocolate chip pancakes for breakfasts and relax on my tablet.

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All about Me

Hi, my name is Sarah, I’m 11 years old. I’m going to talk to you about my life as a young girl with lot’s of anxiety, Cleithrophobia, and central auditory processing disorder, which means I usually miss understand people or get frustrated when I don’t hear as clearly as I should. I also live with my big brother who is on the autism spectrum, my mom who also has anxiety like me and ADHD and my pug named Brownie and our Siamese cat named Beasty.

This is a list of all my 6 favourite thing’s:
1. Favourite colour’s are pink, Blue and aqua.                                                       
2. Favourite animals are zebra, cats,, FLAMINGOS, pink pigs  and especially Love love small DOGS!
3. Favourite past time is Minecraft and Roblox and my user for Roblox is daisycrim
4. Favourite fruit is Watermelons
5. Favourite sport is figure skating
6. Favourite number is 6 and 5

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